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New Review: Ju-87B-2/R-2 Canopy Masks

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Many Luftwaffe aircraft had canopy framing on the inside but not on the outside. How to replicate and paint this has always been a challenge. The Stuka has a few of these panels. Well, what is a modeler to do? Well if you are like me you look to Eduard to help you because I hate to mask canopies.

Eduard’s masks are made from Kabuki tape which is just like Tamiya tape. The tape is precisely cut and conform to curves perfectly. This sheet of masks comes in the traditional resealable packaging that Eduard uses. The larger than usual masks includes all the masks you’ll need for your Airfix Stuka, except the camouflage.

The set is broken down into each canopy section and is quite easy to understand. There are masks for the outside and the panels that are just the inside framing. German aircraft frequently use the internal framework that until now has been represented on the outside. With these masks, you’ll finally be able to do it right. A nice addition is the inclusion of wheel masks for all the wheels.

The instructions can look daunting switching back and forth from inside to outside but careful studying makes is short work.

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