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SAS Gunner North Africa 1941

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Hello everyone.

This is my first kinda commission build.  A marketing agency for Testors asked our club to paint a figure for their office using only the six paints in a figure painting set they're putting out and which had to be done by 08/31/18.  I'm the only one in the club that does figures to it fell to me.

I chose a DEF models British SAS Jeep Gunner in 1941 North Africa with his pet monkey (I guess a Barbary Macaque) that with the theme on the packaging.  The six colors were Model Master enamels Olive Drab Semi Gloss, Burnt Umber Flat, Burnt Sienna Flat, British Crimson Flat, Cobalt Blue Flat and Skin Tone Light Flat.  I got the colors by using lots of mixing with Burnt Umber for the black and Skin Tone for the white.  I kept only the white for the eyes by masking them and using the background white primer.  The metal for the gun was done using the Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna and Cobalt Blue Flat.

This was actually pretty fun.  Usually for a figure like this I would use block color enamels finishing with oils, which would take about 60 years.  With just the six colors and a looming two week deadline the painting moved along really fast.  I was also fortunate that this was an excellent sculpt that let me paint it is several sections and so I didn't have to mask and wait for a lot of drying.

Thanks for letting me share.







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Very nice! 

That brings up a great potential model build for a club.  Paint whatever model you choose only using red, yellow and blue ,mixed any way you choose.  I'll bet it would make for an interesting comparison of the various models in the build.

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Very nice job!

I don't think I could just use 6 colors. If I didn't mix enough the first time around, I have a gallon of each before I matched it up again. LOL 🙄

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