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New Review: The Panavia Tornado, A Comprehensive Guide

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The Panavia Tornado started out as the MRCA (Multi Role Combat Aircraft).  The idea was to apply the latest (1970s) technology to an aircraft which could do a number of jobs, replacing "older" aircraft like the Fiat G-91, the Blackburn Buccaneer, and the Lockheed F-104.  The Tornado is a cooperative project, with Britain, Germany and Italy participating in design and production tasks.  The only "foreign" user of the Tornado is the Royal Saudi Air Force.  

This book covers the Tornado through development and most of its service life.  The RAF plans to retire their Tornadoes in 2019, Italy retired theirs in 2004.  The Luftwaffe may retire theirs in 2025.  Or not. The Saudis plan to keep theirs until 2020 or so.  All 4 of the users have had combat missions flown by their Tornadoes.  A recce mission flown by the Luftwaffe over Bosnia in 1995 was the first combat mission flown by the Luftwaffe since 1945.  

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