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Ghosts in the Desert


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Well...I'm thinking I'm nearing the end on this one. Other than maybe some more stowage in the pick-up. Open for any advice or critique.

Basic gist of the scene...with the current day Spec Ops guys reminding me of the LRDG with their behind the lines activities and scruffy beards- I thought an interesting take would be to have the LRDG side of a wall in b&w and the technical truck side in color.








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Hi, Michael,

Nifty idea!  I assume the people on each side of the brick wall can't hear some sounds from the other side across the time barrier.  This scene reminds me of an armor diorama that was either posted here years ago or published in a book or magazine of German and U.S soldiers on their respective tanks hearing noises on opposite sides of thick hedgerows in France in 1944.  You have given us a present-time update to appreciate.


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That is a *very* cool idea.

I like that the "stage" is simple and crowded with stuff just for the sake of adding it in.

2 thumbs up from me.  🙂

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