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New Review: Brassin GBU-12

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The GBU-12 is an American laser guided bomb consisting of a 500 lb. Mk. 82 bomb combined with a laser tracker and fins for guidance.  First entering service in 1976, it was used extensively in Operation Desert Storm by US F-111's, F-15E's and A-6E's.  F-111's used it to great effect in hunting down and destroying Iraqi armor (tank plinking).  After Desert Storm it has been used extensively in Afghanistan and other conflicts.


The set consists of four resin bomb bodies with the tail fins and nose guidance sections molded as single pieces except for the seeker head and photo-etch nose and aft guidance fins.  Two options are provided for the seeker head, one with the seeker head exposed and the other with the plastic ground cover in place.  I choice to use the heads with the cover installed as I plan on displaying the bombs on a parked, but armed aircraft. 


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