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New Review: Chelomey 16KhA Flying Target

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First look at this kit and you can see a very close resemblance to the V-1 flying bomb. So a quick check of the Internet and Wikipedia found this- "Reports of the German V-1 flying bomb attacks on London prompted Stalin to initiate a program to develop a Soviet equivalent, commencing in June 1944. Vladimir Chelomey, who had been working on pulse jet engines, was assigned to the project in October 1944 and given control of OKB-52. The program was assisted by the partial recovery of a V-1 by Soviet forces at the Blizna test range in Poland. The initial V-1 copy was called 10Kh and later Izdeliye 10 ("Article 10"). Serial production was scheduled to commence in March 1945 with 100 per month, increasing to 450 per month later that year."

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