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Uther Pendragon


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This time around I tackle a neat 54mm figure from Nocturna Models;  Uther Pendragon. Anyone who has seen the film Excalibur knows Uther. Uther Pendragon, also known as King Uther, is a legendary king of sub-Roman Britain and the father of King Arthur.
The kit comes in 6 parts of gray resin. Very little seam lines and I found only 1 bubble. 


The 'worst part of the model was the sword itself. It was perfectly sculpted and cast, but it was *way* too thin, and no matter what I did I couldn't get it straight. You can even see in the above pic, how the sword wants to curl.  The other parts are the tail piece of the sword, the sheath, Uther himself, a cape and the famous rock.  The scene is a depiction of Uther just about to drive Excalibur into the rock.
The first thing I did was cut off the sword from the hilt/hands and measured out the same size in a slightly thicker sheet of styrene. It gets painted gloss black primer as I plan to use V's Chrome on it  - 


The paint job on the box shows him in all brown, so after priming him and then giving the skin a base coat of Beige Red, I gave him a coat of Agrax Earthshade to see what that did.   From there it was just a matter of adding a base coat to all the colors. The chain mail started out gloss black with plans to use V's Gunmetal. But that ended up being too dark and settled on V's Duraluminum. The crown and the bracelets were painted in Bronze and the little gems were painted a red from the new Red Set - 


Since it comes with the rock, I planned on a little vignette. I made 2 other stones out of foam, and then got different sizes of static grass. Since I sure the place wasn't mowed, after adding 2mm grass, I doubled it up and chose the longer grass (12mm).   Next was to add some height in the form of a tree. I got out my twigs and glue pieces together to make the tree - 


Next thing was to add the "leaves" which are actually "expired" herbs from the kitchen cabinet (you know you should toss the after 6 months...). I glued a few layers on and then painted the trunk black and a gray dry brush, and the leaves a dark green  - 


After that I used a lighter green to highlight the upper parts of the leaf pads. Some PVA glue into the hole I drilled in the base, stuck the tree in and I was done. Thanks for looking.



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