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New Review: The Marmo Method Modelbuilding Guide #4 - How To Make Your Own Decals

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First off I am not a big fan of ebooks.  Sorry but I am old school and prefer the feel of the paper itself.  However, I am a big fan of info on the internet and do have a few ebooks on my Kindle so there is always a chance for me.

That said, Mr. Marmo's book on making your own decals really interested me as I have a bunch of decals I need to make for certain projects and even though I shelled out for a nice laser color printer and picked up some decal paper I really didn't know where to start so let's take a look at what Richard says.

This ebook is 65 pages long (a little too much for me to print it out, remember, I love paper) and covers the subject in pretty good detail.  The chapters cover the equipment needed (scanners, cameras, printers, etc.), decal paper, fixatives, capturing the image, restoring old decals, what about the missing white, resizing, creating a new image, printing the decal, sealing the decal, applying the decal, alternate techniques and some links.

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