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New Review: Su-33 Flanker D Landing Gear (Zvezda)

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This set is designed for Zvezda's new tool Su-33 that was released in 2016.  The set consists of three parts, the central portion of the nose gear strut and both main gear struts.  The nose strut is a drop-in replacement for part C59, the central nose strut and its retraction arm.  On the other hand the main gear struts replace several parts as the casting reflects the main gear struts (C81 & C82) with their respective side brace connector (C77 and C78) and an actuator (C74 & C75) already attached.  On my set there is a small triangular connection cast between the center of the actuator and the main gear strut, which I assumed was supposed to be there as a brace, but after checking several online photographs of the Su-33 main gear; I discovered that it should not be there, so I will need to remove it.

The parts have a slight casting seam on them, but this is easily cleaned up using a sharp Xacto blade and some fine sanding sticks.  I then polished the parts using a wire wheel in my battery operated Dremel on low speed. 

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