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Some of you have been asking me what Kyle Lord has been doing on my USS ESSEX model that I bought from Art Rohloff via STEELNAVY last year.  Kyle bought a house late last year and he finished four plane kits for me, a T-33, F-106A, a F4-U1D and a repair job on a Sea Hurricane MK. IIc.  Last week, he got back to work on my USS ESSEX again.  He started by gluing the missing pieces onto the bow and stern. A few more pieces to go then the deck can go on pretty soon. I also plan to progress on the island.  He also attached the gun emplacements onto the deck. I also got 3 out of 4 prop shafts on, for some reason the fourth one isn’t long enough so he’ll find a piece of styrene rod and extend it. The deck has not been glued in yet, it’s just there for mock up purposes. He plans to paint the deck before attaching it to the hull.   Up next will be painting the hull red and priming the deck and spraying the deck Blue.

He said, Bottom paint is on, it’s Tamiya Hull Red with a couple drops of white, as the hull red is really a dark brown. The island is primed and ready for deck blue on the horizontal surfaces.  Up next I will be masking the red, then priming the remainder of the hull and the deck in preparation to do a run of deck Blue.

Here are some photos:


41197582930_46457a3ae0_z.jpgESSEXBUILD24 by Tim Connelly, on Flickr

41197582810_07ba537446_z.jpgESSEXBUILD25 by Tim Connelly, on Flickr

41197582710_8dda377779_z.jpgESSEXBUILD26 by Tim Connelly, on Flickr

41197582650_5d55f4e859_z.jpgESSEXBUILD27 by Tim Connelly, on Flickr

41197582550_b8215faca0_z.jpgESSEXBUILD28 by Tim Connelly, on Flickr

41197582170_4024ccbd11_z.jpgESSEXBUILD29 by Tim Connelly, on Flickr

41197582060_8ea12e62c6_z.jpgESSEXBUILD30 by Tim Connelly, on Flickr

41197581790_1a485245fe_z.jpgESSEXBUILD31 by Tim Connelly, on Flickr

41197581680_3c774ed9c2_z.jpgESSEXBUILD32 by Tim Connelly, on Flickr

41197581600_ea1f4e110b_z.jpgESSEXBUILD33 by Tim Connelly, on Flickr

28139258147_c1910372f5_z.jpgESSEXBUILD34 by Tim Connelly, on Flickr



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