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In Need Of Volunteer Photographers

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On 6/11/2018 at 9:36 AM, Mark Aldrich said:

I know I am posting this earlier than normal but I just noticed this Topic and figured I would get us started.  As usual, I am looking for photographers to help photo archive the upcoming Nationals.  This year should be an easy one as I am actually going to get to attend!  If all has gone right, I should have a SIG table and we will use that as the handoff location.  As in previous years, I am in need of all the different categories to be covered as well as any trips, vendors, make-n-take, and general convention shots.  You can contact me here or at tacomipms@comcast.net.  Can't wait to be there.


Ah, ha!  Name now attached to face.  Enjoyed judging with you.

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Main Page 

IPMSUSA Websites:


Gallery Archive


But They are not there today???????

Wednesday 8 August


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  Right back at you!!!!

Bill.....Really????  I put the link up in three different posts and ya still couldn't find it????  LOL

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