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Vincent Price Caricature


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This guy was sitting undone on my shelf for so long, I had forgotten who did it,  and had to look up who produced it.  Anyway, it's a Rebel Resin kit; one piece and I'm guessing in the 1:3 scale size(?)


There were two little problems on his back. There was a skin of resin, but hollow beneath that was a pretty good size. But as usual, Aves came to the rescue -


The base coat for the skin was Vallejo's (V) Beige Red , and then just went back and forth to get the color I liked, The shadows was a combo of Citadel's Reikland Fleshshade and  *I think*  Mig African soil pigments. It's true pigment powder is the poor man airbrush. I fixed the powder with Mig's Fixer. Then it was V Gray Black for the jacket, and V Pale Blue with a V Gray White shirt, and Citadels Khorne Red, Mephiston Red, and Evil Sun Scarlet (I love their color names) for the tie/scarf.  The shine on the tie may be too much... Thanks for looking.









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Hi, Kevin,

Caricature aside, it sure looks like Vincent Price.  Perhaps this bust was designed by a political cartoonist who routinely does this to public figures.  Great job!


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