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New Review: Big Ed set for Revell 1/32 P-51D-25 Part 1 The Cockpit

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Part 1:  Impressions, Wheel well detail, and Cockpit basics

Thanks as usual go to our prolific supporter, Eduard, for sending the IPMS/USA review team this BIG ED for the new Revell 1/32 P-51D-5 series Mustang.  This was another in my series of "On-the-road" reviews, and as such the background will change... a lot.  I had misplaced the review item before I left the house while cleaning up my work area, and right before I left in desperation I sent an order to Sprue Brothers to please send me a replacement, (after I used my credit card), to handle on the road.  I also asked they annotate my name and the point I was a guest in the "GJOEHOFOE" hotel in California.  This was dutifully marked in large, clear lettering on the front of the box, and as such there was no confusion about who the guest (Me) was, or what do to with said package.   It got there on Wednesday afternoon, three days before I left for the hotel-hopping part of my trip (where much of the work you see here was done).  Onward!

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