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1/48 F-15D Eagle


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I built this for one of my dad's doctors, who is a surgeon in the Air Force Reserve. He's gotten a few rides in the backseats of F-15s when the Air Force needed to get him and his skills somewhere quickly, and expressed his desire to have a model of one like he'd been flown in, with FANG markings.

I used the Nice Revell 1/48 F-15E Strike Eagle to build this model. I simply left off the conformal fuel packs, bombs, and a few other parts to backdate it to a "D". I wasn't worried about total accuracy, since it's not a contest model; nor about getting a particular tail number duplicated since he's simply looking for a representative Eagle. However, I did hang some missiles on it, as the pics he supplied from some flights made in Eastern Europe showed the planes to be armed.







The Revell Strike Eagle kit goes together very well and quickly, and was enjoyable to build. I used MM paints for the camo, pencil for the panel lines, Tamiya wash for the vents, and Bullseye decals for the FANG markings. The FOD and exhaust covers are from Steel Beach. Comments, critiques, and questions welcome. Cheers!

GIL :cool:

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Way to Go, Gil!



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