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Vic Torry's Saucer

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I have to admit that I am just young enuff that I missed this character and comic. But being into UFOs and the like, I could resist the Atlantis release of Vic Torry's Saucer.

It's super simple with the saucer being only 4 parts and another few for the stand. You also get a little self contained LED to make the inside light up and change color. But to turn it on, one needs to twist the ship open, turn it on, and then close it up again. I decided to leave that out.

One thing I noticed right away is in the copy of the front page of the comic and all the other builds I looked for online, that have that yellow gold color. Yet right there in the comic was the description that the saucer was silver!  Hmmm...


Anyway, with a number of windows I painted the inside of the ship black, so you wouldn't see that there's no flight deck -


Then it was a matter of just closing it up and gluing it closed. For the metallic color, I primed it gloss black -


I got back to it a few days later and sprayed on Vallejo's Duraluminum. It's a little darker than Silver, but I didn't want my entire saucer collection to be the same color. Once the paint was dry, and Vallejo Metallics are dry to the touch in a minute for so - I used Krystal Klear to make the windows.  Then it's called done. Thanks for looking.


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