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This model is a P40E.  The model represents a P40F (do not think there is much of an appearance difference.  This plane represents a P40F of the 85th FS /79th FG, MTO, North Africa 1943(High Kicker). Vallejo paints, Eduard PE cockpit, Aries resin seat, Quick Boost exhaust pipes, Eduard canopy mask, Eduard Brassin resin 500lb bomb, CMK resin main wheels and tail wheel/tail wheel cover, CMK resin under carriage covers, AK panel line wash.







image.png.e56f6f5134fa520657bb2db7da8a4921.pngOops,  just noticed the 500lb is crooked.





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6 hours ago, Mark Deliduka said:

Beautiful job! That is an attractive plane, you did exceptional work on this.

Thanks again.

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11 hours ago, ghodges said:

Love desert camo and the "tail art" seals the deal for me! Congrats!


GIL :cool:

Thanks.  Wait until you see the nose art on the Spitfie IXc the Amerians borrowed for long range experiments.

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