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New Review: Roden O-2A Skymaster Landing Gear & Nose Ballast

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IPMS/USA appreciates the ongoing support from Ross and his team at SAC for supporting the reviewer corps with one more of many monthly releases.  These extremely useful and well-thought-out landing gear additions for the modeling community continue to prove their worth.  Thanks also to IPMS leadership for sending it for review.

This review is for the SAC landing gear released for the 1/32 Roden.  When I learned of the O-1 release a couple of seasons ago, I thought "cool, that surely means they are going to invest in on O-2 as well!"  I should be named Claire Voiant, because here in our hands we now have finished the triparty of USAF Forward Air Controller (FAC) aircraft; the OV-10, the O-1, and now the O-2.  I don't see Trumpeter jumping up and down to release the two-seat F-100 in 1/32, (Heck yes I'll invest in one if they do) so that tells me we will have to do without the "Misty" FAC for a while. 

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