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Shark Man


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Hey Gang,

I picked up this bust a few years ago at a JerseyFest (or was it Resintopia).
Anyway, he hung around the shelf just in primer long enuff. I did the squiggles for under the skin,
and a few stripes later I called it done. Thanks for looking.


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23 hours ago, Banshee1000 said:

That looks great, Roktman, I like how you did the under skin tones.

Thanks everyone. 

Banshee,  thats the same squiggles I do when there's a lot of boring looking skin. ;)

I take the very tip cover off the a/b off (DON"T bump the needle), get really close with almost no air and just pull back for the paint and just start squiggling.  Here he is w/o the top coat.




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