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Hi all.  The C-46 finish line is in sight!  Here's the latest shots:

The completed starboard main gear.  I wound up having to apply BSI IC Gel to the mounting edge of the door, then hold it in place with one hand while applying a shot of BSI Accelerator with the other hand.  Definitely tricky and I actually had to clean the cured CA on the door and try it again a couple of times before I got it right.  To  say this approach is tedious is an understatement of the first magnitude!  The same technique had to be used on the tailwheel doors, but with the addition of tweezers to hold the doors due to their small size.



The same starboard gear installation from a slightly different angle.  The photoetch parts add a lot to the gear door detail and the SAC metal gear guarantees the gear won't be collapsing on you.



While I did paint the engine cylinders Model Master Steel, no superdetailing was done.  With the props in place, most superdetailing would be obscured.



These replacement metal props really add a lot to the finished model.  Model Master FS37038 Flat Black combined with Model Master Steel and Model Master FS33538 Flat Yellow produced a very nice result.  Still have no idea where my client found them.




This decal sheet is from the Brett Industries C-46 kit.  Produced by Scale-Master, it's a state of the art sheet with markings for four different aircraft.  For the subject of this model, all that was needed was the four star and bar national insignia, wing walks and some white tail numbers that my client sent from another sheet.  Update from my client:  The metal props were produced by a now defunct aftermarket manufacturer in the UK and were specific to the C-46.



National insignia and wing walk is seen here on the starboard wing.  The Solvaset seen adjacent to the model was used to snug the decals down.  By the way, my ebook "How To Make Your Own Decals" covers the subject in extensive detail.  You can find a copy of it at Scale Publications.








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Gil, if you check back with one of the early parts of this series, Brett Industries bought Williams Bros after Williams Bros ceased production and moved the operation lock, stock and barrel to Texas.  They then tweaked the kit a bit, came up with new decals, changed the boxtop and put the C-46 back on the market.  If it hadn't been for Brett Industries, there wouldn't be a 1/72 scale kit of the C-46 anywhere except at astronomical prices on ebay.  By the way, since the model is almost finished, it won't be long before this entire build series will be available as an ebook in multiple formats, including a promotion for the IPMS/USA for readers who aren't members.

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