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New Review: Zeppelin vs British Home Defence 1915-1918

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If you are a person interested in the Great War, you will likely enjoy this new release from Osprey as part of their "Duel" series of books.  In this new offering from Osprey Publishing, author Jon Guttman writes about the attacks of the German Zeppelins on England from January 1915 through August 1918 as well as the British defensive actions against them.  Illustrated by Jim Laurier, both the artwork and the photographs tell the history of the Zeppelin and the aircraft used to counter them.

Following the Introduction, there are eight chapters, which are titled "Chronology", "Design and Development", "Technical Specifications", "the Strategic Situation", "The Combatants", "Combat", "Statistics and Analysis", and "Aftermath".  There is also a "Further Reading" list of books and an "Index".  There are 45 black and white photographs along with three in color, as well as 13 illustrations/paintings, and a single color map contained within this publication.    

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