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New Review: SAC Kfir C2/C7 Landing Gear

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Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC) is well known for making replacement white metal landing gear for many, many subjects. This set replaces the main and nose landing gear for the AMK 1/48th scale Kfir C2/C7 kit from AMK. The set consists of seven well-made white metal parts; four are the main gear and three make up the nose gear. The main gear replaces kits parts C54/57 and E19. The nose gear replaces parts C17, 21, and 68.

To prepare the parts, I sand off a few small seam lines and the parts are ready. For the main gear, the assembly adds the two white metal parts together and then you complete the assembly with the plastic oleo from the kit.

The nose gear is broken down differently than the kit gear. The kit gear has the retraction strut molded in and the remainder of the gear as a single piece. It's easier to see in the reference picture. The SAC parts are easy to prepare and assemble with the biggest thing being the straightening of the strut. I did this by rolling it between two flat surfaces.

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