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Tru-Color Paint is in the planning stages of developing military paint sets for the modeler. We have about 30 potential sets we could assemble on the drawing board and have produced mock-up art work for all the sets. Our intent is to release 4-6 of these sets at the IPMS National Convention in August of this year. We are requesting the modeler's input as to which of these sets YOU would like to see.

Samples of the mock-up sets are attached. These are for the Israeli Air Force Set # 1 and the Metallic Set useful for armor and aircraft models.

There will be a poll (or survey) on our website by the end of March showing all of the proposed sets with their composition. We will let you know when the poll is posted on the website so you can vote on the sets we should produce. All military and related areas will be represented - armor, air forces, ships, diorama, figures and detailing and covers the U.S. and Israeli paints (these are the colors currently produced and ready to place into the sets).

If you wish to get a jump start on the survey, we can email you a Acrobat file of the description of each set along with their contents. Just let us know if this is wanted by email, this thread or call us.

How many manufacturer's request YOUR input on what they should place into production ? Tru-Color Paint listens to our customers and want to be your go to company for accurate, easy to use paint for your models, dioramas, figures, etc.

All comments are welcome. Come see us at the IPMS National Convention on August 1-4 in Phoenix, AZ !

Martin Cohen, PhD
Tru-Color Paint
P.O. Box 74524
Phoenix, AZ 85087-4524

email: tru.colorpaint1@yahoo.com


set 10607 idf airforce mock-up back.jpg

set 10607 idf airforce mock-up front.jpg

metallic set mock-up front.jpg

metallic set mock-up rear.jpg

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Wow, I had suggested you do this some time back. I'm glad you are moving forward on this. Some other ideas: Southeast Asia camouflage colors used by the USAF in Vietnam; MERDC camouflage colors used in Europe.


These do look great so far. I'll be looking for these in Phoenix.

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