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Hi all.  Getting close to the end but had to take a breather due to my wife's surgery and an airbrush blowing out on me.  Now for this installment:

Williams Bros doesn't give you any of the small antennas and masts, which is probably a good thing.  This is primarily because of the immense variety that were employed on the C-46.  They do provide some reasonably decent patterns on the instruction sheet and tell you to fabricate them from scrap plastic and wire.  What they don't tell you is that one of the 'masts'  holds a pitot tube at the bottom and you will need two of them.  It also doesn't hurt to  have experience scratchbuilding minute details and an OptiVisor will be an absolute necessity.  This photo shows the two pitot tubes/masts that I built from .030" x .060" Evergreen strip and .016" music wire. 




The finished pitots/masts are too thin to drill a hole for a mounting pin, so I cut mounting holes in the fuselage.  Check you references closely for proper location and keep your eyeball computer nearby.  The best I can offer for location is about .40" aft of the rear canopy edge and .90" below the bottom canopy edge.  Each mast angles out so that the two form a wide V when viewed from the front.




When properly installed, this is how they should look.  Incidentally, they are not leaning back.  That's the result of the camera angle.  You want to be sure that they are perfectly vertical  when viewed from the side and form a V when viewed from the front.




Almost finished with the basic paint job.  Model Master  FS34087 O.D. uppersurface and FS36270 Neutral Gray undersurface. 




With the basic paint job done, a gloss coat of Future (aka PFM) is sprayed prior to decal application.  Before the  decals go on, I'll also have to install the gear, as well as paint the deice boots and fine details.




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