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When will you know the tour days?

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The day(s) of the Pima and Orbital ATK tours do not appear to be listed in the online store.  I presume that is because you don't yet.  Could you let us know as soon as that is determined?  I can't go on a Friday tour.



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Hi Stuart,

Thanks for pointing out that deficiency. I will make sure the website (and hopefully the shopping cart items) are updated to reflect the day and date for the tours.

The Pima tour is scheduled for Thursday, August 2nd and the Orbital ATK tour is scheduled for Friday, August 3rd.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and we will give plenty of warning if anything changes.


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Additionally, the Arizona Culinary Institute Luncheon is scheduled for Thursday. 

For those spouses/guests of folks going to Pima, it's a delicious way to spend the time.

It's been added to the web site.  $20, complete.  You can also mail in.

Jim Pearsall

Registrar, 2018 Convention

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