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The Duke's First Aircraft for 2018

Mark Deliduka

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Here are my first aircraft that I finished in 2018. First up is a Hobby Boss F-15 E Strike Eagle. I kept this one clean since no ordinance was included in this model. Time to get another one that I can loads up with bombs. Until then, here is this one:




Next up is the F-102 Delta Dagger I built for the "Charlie Don't Surf" campaign on the Modeler's Alliance Forums:





There they are, my first aircraft in 2018. Hopefully I'll be able to finish a lot more in the coming months. I also finished a couple tanks, so feel free to go check them out in the armor forums as well.

Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Way to go Duke.

Nicely done on both birds.  That "mud hen' looks a little naked without any ordinance, but a cool and clean build none the less.

The "Deuce" looks great in the four tone Viet Nam scheme also.  You don't see that scheme too often.  I have a 1/48th one to do up like that.

I might have to bring to the upper part of the pile.


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Thanks for the fantastic replies guys! They are most appreciated!

Gil, yes, the F-102 is the Meng kit. I had gotten it as a raffle prize if I recall.

Bill, I agree, I wish they had included the truckload of ordinance that is supposed to go underneath that mud hen. I had always wanted to do an F-102 in Vietnam camo, every since seeing one in a photo. I do look forward to seeing yours done too. Bring it forward man!

Larry, I agree. I love the Eagle and thanks for your service on these birds. They are indeed fantastic jets!


Thanks again for all the great replies guys!


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