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After an interesting start to the New Year, I finally managed to get some bench time; mostly thanks to my monthly St. Crispin's Irregulars Hobby Day. Here is where I am now.

I finally completed my decals on the F-102 Delta Dagger. Now I can dullcoat this and complete the final details:



Next I finished all the crazy stencils on the F-15E Strike Eagle. Now I can finish the rest of the decals and move forward on this:



Next I started a helicopter that was given to me by a friend and fellow IPMS member. He knew I had wanted this helicopter and he got it for me. This is the EH-101 Merlin Royal Navy bird. I was so excited about building this, I had almost forgotten to take pics! Here is the first pic I took, showing the entire interior assembled together:



Later I dry-fit this inside the fuselage to see how it fit. I was quite amazed at how well this fell together:



Finally, here's a shot of all the fuselage components sitting together:


One thing I like about this is that they give you an operational hinge on the tail to fold it. They also make the main rotors foldable too!

Moving on, I also started one of my Christmas presents, the Mitsubishi F-2A. I started with the cockpit of course. It's a very simple affair:


I then added all the main gear well walls and such, as well as the main intake scoop on the front of the lower fuselage:


I had also assembled all the missiles and drop tanks for this too, but I didn't shoot pics of them.


Moving on to my armor, I was able to accomplish the following work....

Here is where I was with my USAAF resupply set. I had finished dullcoating these after applying the decals:


Later on, I added the cab tops and the wheels to all of these:



After this, I tried to complete all of them with the final details and such, but every time I tried to move forward; something broke off. When I fixed that, something else broke off. I spent two weeks re-fixing broken things before I finally got this whole set finished. Finished pics to be posted soon.

Moving on, I finally installed the tracks on the Japanese Type 89 Late:



After that, I painted the tracks a flat black; added the tools, the machine guns, and a couple small roadwheels that had fallen off. Then I added the decals before dullcoating this little beastie:



Due to the confusion many people have had thinking that the white stars are American markings; I've decided to add a couple small Japanese flags to the sides of this tank behind the hull numbers so people won't question why a Japanese tank has US markings. It may not be accurate, but at least it will help people understand it is a Japanese tank. You will see them in the completed pics of this tank; which will hopefully get done in a couple more days.

Finally, I took the time to complete the photo-etch on the Russian T-80U that I'd started and set aside some time back. Here it is with most of the photo-etch on it:



Later on when all that was dry, I went back and added the two flaps on the front of this tank, as well as touched up a few other areas:



Now to get this primed and ready for paint. I believe I'll be brush painting this the whole time as I'm concerned that the Silly Putty masking will remove some of this photo etch; especially the flaps on the turret and the two front flaps under the front of the hull. After all this time and effort, I don't want to take any chances.

Well, that is my small update for now; hopefully it is the first of many to come. Stay tuned for more and thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.





EDIT: Please add a "preview" button to these Forums. That way I'll be able to see if my pics load okay. Also, I'll be able to see which ones don't load when I have a lot to post. Thanks!

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Okay, here's another small update, thanks to the time had yesterday to work on models. I'll start again with my aircraft.

The F-102 has been coming along. After dullcoating this plane once the decals dried, I peeled the masking off the windows. It took a bit of cleanup afterward to make the canopy look well enough:



After doing that I had also started the missile racks underneath. But first, I shot some white on the AIM-4 Falcons and set them aside to dry while I worked on the rest of the plane:


As mentioned, I started the missile racks in the weapon's bay first, adding the lowered racks to the interior:



Once they had dried enough, I completed the painting of the interior of the weapons bay as well as the landing gear bays:


After a break and after checking the missiles to see if they were dry enough; I masked off the forward parts of the Falcons and painted the rear section red:


While those were drying, I added the main landing gear as well as the gear doors and weapons bay doors:


Next came the nose gear and the wheels. I cemented them in place once the gear doors and main landing gear were dry enough:


Finally, after adding a little more white to the missile fins, I cemented the AIM-4 Falcons in place on the launch racks:


After a bit of touch up and final parts additions, this bird will be finished. I am hoping to have it finished today.

On one of those breaks working on the Dagger, I also got the last decals on the F-15E Strike Eagle. Now I can finally finish this bird too:



Finally, on my armor; I focused on the T-80U since it was so close to being finished. I first shot a base coat of green on this with the airbrush; then I used my Sotar to freehand the brown pattern over it:




Later on, I sharpened up the edges using a brush and then added the little black squiggles to complete the pattern:



Once that was sufficiently dry, I shot a glosscoat on the turret and added the decals:



You can see the Solvaset still has to work to pull those decals down. Now all I have to do is dullcoat this again and finish the final assembly and weathering. I hope to finish this today as well.

That's it for now; thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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