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New Review: Osprey Boer Guerilla versus British Mounted Soldier

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This title is from Osprey's well received Combat Series of books. It is number 26 in the series.


From the cover:

South Africa 1880-1902

Waged across an inhospitable terrain, which varied from open African savannah to broken mountain country and semi-arid desert, the Anglo-Boer wars of 1880-81 and 1899-1902 pitted the British Army and its allies against the Boer Commandos. Independent and individualistic, the Boers were not professional soldiers but a civilian militia, expert shots who moved on horseback but dismounted to fight. Although the British Army's initial over-dependence on conventional tactics led to a string of Boer victories, the British experimented with mounted infantry units of their own, melding the benefits of regular cavalry mobility and discipline with the advantages of fighting on foot. This fully illustrated study reveals both sides experience of combat in two savage conflicts, from the initial Boer victories of 1880-81 through to the final battles of 1900-02.



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