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XSL-01 Moon Ship Glider


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This kit was a Fantastic Plastic release back 2011-13. This kit is a re-imagining of the original kit of Revell from 1957.

The kit is 1:72 scale and comes in 5 simple parts. The casting was done by BLAP! Models and is flawless. There was so few parts that I forgot to take a "before I started" pic. Here's the ship is together and primed. The small blue piece is the engine before it is primed. The decals are also very well done.



There wasn't any painting instruction, so I just followed the box art. The was a diagram for the decals, and I forget exactly, but I think the box art decals was different than the placement on the instructions. No matter, it's a hypothetical ship - so I can do what I want.


I got the dome bases from SSM, and painted it up the best I could to make it look like a moon. ;)


Thanks for looking.






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Well done! I'm a fan of the classic Revell Space models and also of Fantastic Plastic.

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