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Kurganets 25 APC


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I've been wanting to build modern armor for some time. I also wanted to build something OOB for a change. The online reviews for the Panda Kurganets APC were very positive for this kit so I picked it up at the LHS when they had a sale. It was a pretty straightforward build with only a tiny bit of putty needed. They missed a few weld beads which I added with Archer resin welds and missed a few panel lines which I scribed in. The tracks were a tedious chore to trim off the sprue and clean up the burrs but snapped together quickly.

There is a molded in rear hatch that instead of having a panel line has a weld seam. I didn't notice this until too late so I'm just going to have to live with it.

Something to watch out for if you tackle this kit are the front tow hooks. The kit parts have a prominent block on the back that raises the parts over the front armor plates. I could not get this to line up properly. I checked what images I could find to see where I went wrong only to find out the large block should not be there. The tow hook plate should sit flush on the front armor plate. I trimmed the chunk of plastic off and it finally matched the reference photos.




I kinda like how it looks without the spaced armor panels and may finish it this way.



The remote turret has a lot going on.



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Thanks Oliver and Raoul.

I've started dust and rain marks. First layer of dust and streaks are created by airbrushing AK Light Dust enamel and then swiping the enamel with a ratty brush just damp with thinner. Pigments have been applied to the lower hull and running gear. Additional dust effects created with oil paints. I need to bring some of the lower darker colors up the hull sides next.

Wheels are not fully attached so there may be some alignment issues.





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Thanks everyone! I forgot to post a few images of the completed Kurganets-25. It appears in the February issue of  Military Modelcraft International so I'm limiting the number of final images for now.




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