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Harry Christmas


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As has been the custom for a few years now is that the GK guys who release their various kits takes one or more of their offerings and make a Christmas ornament. This year after Gillman's release of their Harry from Harry and the Hendersons bust, they released Harry as an ornament.




After priming black, I started the base coating -




Here's where I always try something - which doesn't work - and then have to backtrack. I tried a highlight to the skin that ended up being too yellow. Looking at screen grabs of Harry, he has quite a rosy complexion.
The I added a highlight to the brown fur that IMHO was too red. Time to start again.
I also wanted to start coloring in the eyes and teeth. I wanted to use V's White Gray, but being very thin, I added Iraqi Sand first.




Finally to end Part 1, I added the gray fur to age him up a little bit.
Thanks for looking.



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The major step this session was painting in the eyes. A web check of the eye color of Kevin Peter Hall turned up nothing.


Most of the images show him with green eyes so that's where I went. When dry, onto the tree he went. Merry Christmas and thanks for looking everyone.





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Dang....that last pic looks like Harry's actually peeking out from inside the tree! Outstanding painting, especially the eyes!


GIL :smiley16:


Thanks. Even with an Opti-visor, this is about the limit where I can give eyes any sort of detail. ;)

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