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Shuttle Launch


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Here's another build that is definitely out of my comfort zone, being a car builder by nature.


My wife has always loved NASA space subjects, especially shuttles. In my travels I came across this Lindberg space shuttle kit for a very reasonable price. I'm not a sci-fi builder but I do know that this was not a very detailed model to build. Regardless, I picked it up and told her that one day I would build it for her. Well, that day came and as I got into it I decided that it needed to be represented a little bit better than how it builds from the kit.

I basically built it straight out of the box but using numerous research photos was able to apply some paint details and slight weathering to bring out more realism. I also created my own base and positioned it to replicate a launch. I scratchbuilt the flames using card stock rolled into cones and then added putty to try and look like the flames. Then I added cotton for the smoke. It's not perfect by any means but I think it still came out alright and my wife was very happy with the final outcome.









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