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Williams Bros 1/72 C-46 Builld Series, Part 11


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Hey all,


Here we go with the next installment. Last time the wing fillets had been puttied and then sanded smooth. Close examination showed a few little pits and cavities that needed attention, so that's were we begin:


The starboard wing had the most flaws. Not surprising since it required the most corrective work.






The port wing wasn't near the problem.






More sanding followed by a light coat of primer and the starboard fillet is finally looking good.






Same for the port fillet.






Progress! All that's needed for a complete airframe is the canopy and horizontal tails.






The port horizontal goes on without a problem.






But the starboard horizontal is another questiion. In this case, the horizontal sits about .020" too low, so it needs to be raised. I started by shaving around .020" off the top of the horizontal tab opening. Note that it doesn't have to be perfect.






A piece of .020" styrene is added to the BOTTOM of the horizontal mounting tab and trimmed to match the tab shape.






Done correctly, it should be a snug fit.,







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Nice remedy for the misfit Richard. My only question would be: did you check the alignment of the left elevator root against the right one to be sure that THEY are level with one another? I've see a few short run plastic and vac kits where the problem wasn't in the tab/hole, but the actual root being low or high in comparison to one another, which is MUCH tougher to repair....


GIL :smiley16:

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Gil, there was probably a couple of thousandths difference on the elevator root, but the bigger problem was the tab hole. The top surface of the horizontal was some .020" lower than the top edge of the elevator root. Thus the need to shim the tab and enlarge the tab hole.

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