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Williams Bros 1/72 C-46 Builld Series, Part 10


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Hey all,


After time out for Thanksgiving and a visit to the E.R. for pneumonia, I'm back and making more progress on the C-46. Things are beginning to speed up and with any luck at all, it'll be completed and shipped to my client before Christmas. So, let's see where we are:


Shown here is the port wing fillet area that's been roughly coated with Squadron White Putty. Believe it or not, it was simply smeared on with my finger.




The starboard fillet misfit was the worst one, so a lot more putty was needed. Just as I did with the fuselage centerline, blue painters tape was used to protect the rest of the wings from the sanding I would be doing.




More putty on the belly joints and more blue tape to control the sanding area. Finger application was used here as well.




After sanding with 320 down to 600 grit, as well as sanding sticks. the starboard fillet is starting to look pretty darn good.




And the port wing after the same sanding treatment.




Finally the belly seams. It won't be long now before we have a complete aircraft on our hands, except for the landing gear and props, which are waiting in the wings.



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