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Mark Deliduka

The Duke's Latest Armor

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In this post, I have two finished models for the collection and two models that I built for my wargame army that do not count toward my finished armor collection.

First off, this is my first model that I finished up for my collection. This is Dragon's 1/72 scale StuG III F that I built during my AMPS club's Four Hour Build Challenge. The rules were:

1) No snap together models
2) the box could be opened but the sprues needed to be still sealed in the bag.
3) Anything goes; just see how far you could get in four hours.

This little StuG was done in that four hour period:



In addition to that, I finished up these two Revell of Germany M4-A1 Shermans that I had bought from an estate sale. I completed both of them in the same four hours that I completed the StuG. These will be going to my war game army:



Finally, the second model for my collection is this 1/72 scale UM Models M4-A1 Sherman with the mine roller attached to it. This was a real bear to do and I'm glad this is finally finished:



That's all for now from my workbench. Hopefully more will come flying off on the way to the shelf. I need the space!

Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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