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Tru-Color Paint is looking for any help we can get on getting the correct colors for German AFV's used in WWII. Information on all the color schemes on all types of vehicles wanted - particularly Panzer and all other tanks used by the Germans. All years of WWII are of interest to us.


The information will be used to make accurate paint colors for release in late 2018. If anyone has information or wants to help develop the colors for this area of WWII models please contact us via this thread, call or email us. We look forward to anyone supplying data that we can use or pointing us in the right direction.


We realize that color chips would be nearly impossible to obtain, but if anyone has a paint color or colors that is considered "accurate", we would be interested in knowing about it (them). It is possible that we could send some plastic scraps or polystyrene sheet material to anyone to paint a swatch for us to match. Just send us details of what you have and your address for us to send materials for you to paint.


Martin Cohen, PhD

Tru-Color Paint

P.O. Box 74524

Phoenix, AZ 85087-4524



email: tru.colorpaint1@yahoo.com

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