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Horror Double Feature - Mr Hyde/ Beetlejuice


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My norm is to do two kits at a time so that I can keep moving on another when one is drying. This time I have Fredric March as Mr, Hyde. For those who haven't seen this in a while. His appearance changes for the worse each time he changes. At the end, he's almost completely animal. To fill a little void on the base, I took a tiny bottle and filled it with Vallejo's Yellow Green. Swirled it around and then made it looked tipped over. I put a few more drops of the paint of the block base and gave the illusion it's spilled during the transformation.


The other is everyone's favorite Bio- exorcist - Beetlejuice! The odd thing with this one was the colors seen on the screen are different that the ones you see in the behind the scene pics. So in many aspects I just split the difference. The other hard part was I found very few (only 1) image of the Hawaiian shirt where you can tell what the design was... The kit also comes with a resin copy of The Book for the Recently Deceased, and the Beetlejuice flyer. There's no real spot for them on the base, so they are just extra props.


Thanks for looking -









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Thanks guys!


RGronovius, there are tons of ways to get into figures. If the 1:6 resin full figures are too expensive to start there are always busts. Going simplier miniatures of the larger size - 75, 90, 120, 200mm - are available in plastic, resin, and the good old metal. They also come in just about every genre. Only thing to do is buy one and give it a shot knowing with each one you'll get better and better.

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