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New Review: 50 Liter Drop Tank (Spitfire)


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Short History

As everyone to include Everyone should know the Spitfire is the MOST iconic aircraft to ever grace the skies.... that last part probably a personal opinion but it did save the British mainland and helped turn the tide of battle against the Luftwaffe during the battle of Britain.

What's in the Box?

The Single 50 liters drop tank comes packaged insides a little plastic baggie with both resin pieces on a single pore stub and small photoetched fret. The Resin is Molded in light gray and while I am not very familiar with Brengun products the parts are flawless and not a single air bubble or flaw to be found. The photoetched is quite sturdy and shiny but nothing a little heat and sandpaper can't fix.

The Build

This was probably one of the easiest accessories I have ever built, it only required cutting the tank and its end off the pore stub and mating them together! After the tank halves are glued together the photoetch gets bent, folded and the small either metal rods or round sprue rods...whichever you prefer to use are all connected it's time for finishing.

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