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Alexei Leonov Spacewalk

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Hi folks, hey I have been working on a spacewalk figure of Alexei Leonov and racking my brain trying to figure out where all those hoses start and stop. Does anyone have some real good info on this? It would seem from photos and videos stuff is flying this way and that, and he seems tangled in some of it from time to time, so the multitude of pose possibilities seems abundant. But where can I find some concrete evidence of what goes where? Thanking all in advance for any help..........

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Sorry. At certain times it's hot or cold with some of these topics, so I don't check as often as I should.

IMHO detail of the suit depends on scale. Where there's a bit of wiggle room if your doing a 1/48 scale Leonov VS. a 1/6th.


However a while back New Ware did a kit of the "First Spacewalkers." For the Leonov part of kit (Ed White was the other part) you had to provide your own "hoses" by the different diameter bits of wire. The instructions are fairly clear on where the hoses go -



I wasn't sure how large an image was allowed here. So I put the thumbnail. If you want to go to my blog, and click the picture, there's a larger size for you to see -




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