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Help!! Need Contact Info for Acme 360


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I was working on a commission of the Saratoga resin kit that was produced by Acme 360. Last Friday (Friday the 13th!!!) I was burglarized to the tune of $4000 - $5000 worth of equipment and kits. Unfortunately, one kit that was taken was the Saratoga, or at least part of it. They took the box, all the small parts and the decals...but left the main body and stand.


I tried to contact the manufacturer to see about buying the missing parts or even a complete kit at what I hoped might be a discounted price. That's where the fun began. The email, which was sent to the only contact listed (buntyn1@comcast.net), bounced with the notice that the email address does not exist. The website has no other contact information. No individual name, no address beyond being in Denver, Colorado, no phone number, no nothing. On top of that, the copyright notice on the website is 2004.


If anyone has any contact information on Acme 360, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. If I can't find some kind of reasonable resolution to this mess, I'll wind up having to repay my client on the installment plan!

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