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New Review: 1/32 Videoaviation BLU-27 Fire Bombs Finned

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Videoaviation is a small company out of Italy manufacturing big things; in this case, they provide large scale modelers the items missing from  many of our 1/32 models to bring them to life, particularly in a diorama setting if you have room! 

Having built their Dash-60 Power cart earlier this year, I was aware of the quality of Videoaviation products... and this continues with this simple, effective set of two firebombs.  

The BLU-27 firebomb set will produce two, Vietnam-era Napalm with stabilizing fins.  The BLU-27 was utilized as an effective anti-personnel weapon during a war where the world was less concerned about environmental issues.  Common employers of this weapon were the A-26, A-1, F-100, F-4, and F-105 (not so much when their mission changed later in the war).  I don't know if these were certified for use on other aircraft. 

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