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Tru-Color Paint is pleased to announce the release of several flesh colors plus general clothing/buckle, button, shoe, hat etc. colors which may be applied with a paint brush on figures. These all dry flat.

These are as follows: TCP-805 Flat Black; TCP-809 Flat Dark Green; TCP-810 Flat Light Green; TCP-817 Flat Off-White; TCP-818 Flat Light Tan; TCP-819 Flat Dark Tan; TCP-840 Flat Caucasian Flesh; TCP-860 Flat Medium Flesh; TCP-861 Flat Light Mocha Flesh and TCP-862 Flat Dark Mocha Flesh. All of these paints are available in 1 oz.

($ 6.19 list) and 2 oz. bottles ($ 11.25) from your favorite local hobby shop, online store or from Tru-Color Paint directly.

Many more brushable colors are in stock - check out our website or ask for a brochure showing all of the colors in this series of paints.

As always, ALL of these paints are manufactured in Phoenix, AZ and we have NEVER discontinued a product from our product lines once they have been released !

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. More colors to be added next month.

Martin Cohen, PhD
Tru-Color Paint
P.O. Box 74524
Phoenix, AZ 85087-4524


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