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Edgar Allen Poe


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I have a shelf over my worktable where I store kits in small boxes or kits that have no box. Well poor ol' Edgar Allen has been up there for more than a year staring down at me with those sad unpainted eyes. So today I figured I needed to remedy that.

The kit is just one piece and sculpted by Brian McGuire. The resin in odorless and I only found a few small bubbles in some of the tips of the hair strands.


Here he is with the skin tone done and the eyes, mustache, and eyebrows base coated -




Looking online I found out that his eye color has been described as gray, violet, hazel, green and even blue. Finding out that hazel is a combo of brown and green, I decided to go that way. I also fixed up his hair and scarf. Then base coated his jacket -



Continuing on, I brightened up the scarf, and I also highlighted the jacket by adding German Gray to the Black Gray base coat. I also brightened up the ivory shirt with a little off white. I then gave the bust a flat coat.
Turning to the base, I tried my best to highlight Edgar's signature. But being the base was so busy, I don't think I pulled that off too well.
To finish it up I added gloss to the eyes, and called this one done. Thanks for looking.







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