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New Review: IM-99 BOMARC Ground–to–Air Guided Missile

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During the 1950's, Boeing Aircraft Company (BO) teamed up with the Michigan Aeronautical Research Center (MARC) to create the U.S. Air Force's first nuclear-armed surface-to-air missile. Combining both entities and shortening Boeing created the name of the new missile - BOMARC.

Revell has reissued its classic kit of the IM-99 BOMARC missile. This kit dates back to 1958, and has some features common to that era, such as operating parts and oversized "rivets". In this case, the missile launch rail moves up and down, and the nose clamps on the rail open and close. Considering the age of the kit, the fit of the parts was pretty good, with very little putty and sanding needed after assembly. However, there is a moderate amount of flash on many parts.

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