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I'm Your Huckleberry


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A CGS Miniatures kit that comes in at about 1/9 scale. The likeness is very well done of Val Kilmer playing Doc Holiday in the movie Tombstone.


Being y fav movie I had no problem watchng it again to see where Doc (who had a lot of wardrobe changes) had this outfit on. Pssst - it's when he meets up with Ringo toward the end... ;)



I base coated the skin and outfit , I had to be careful. As Doc was sick (TB?)and also seemed sweaty, he didn't have the usual rosy complexion, so I tried not making him too healthy looking. In the end I dotted clear gloss on his face here and there for the sweat. But it didn't show up in the pics.


His hat, scarf and vest were all black. To make the model not look like one black blob I used black and a few dark grays with washes and highlights to mix things up a bit. A few details here and there and I was done.

Oh yeah I swapped out the resin "stone" base for an odd looking wooden plinth I had.


Thanks for looking and CCs are always welcomed.









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That came out very nice. What paint medium do you use?

Thanks. I switched over to Vallejo acrylics about 2 years ago and haven't looked back. :)

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