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Forum changes -- July 11, 2009

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Following the direction of the e-board, I've made some changes to the IPMS/USA discussion boards effective July 11, 2009.


To sum up what I've done:


  • A new section titled "General Information" has been added. This will be where announcements and the FAQ will live from now on. It's also where the new "Welcome" forum will reside to let new members step up and introduce themselves.
  • The IPMS/USA business section has been moved lower on the page. It contains the same info and forums ... it's just located a bit further down.
  • A new "general modeling" forum has been added. This will be for discussions of modeling in general and will also be a place to discuss cross-platform modeling.


To make it easier to spot these changes, I've tagged the new section and forum with "NEW" labels and, after a few weeks, the tags will go away.


I hope you find the new additions helpful and look forward to seeing new posts in the "general modeling" forum. By the way, if you are interested in moderating this new forum, send me a note. I'm always looking for members willing to help out as moderators.





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