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New Review: Master Model F-100 Super Sabre Pitot Tube

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Master Model of Poland produces small brass parts for detailing models, be they aircraft or ships.  They have parts for aircraft in 1/32, 1/35, 1/48, 1/72, and 1/144, mostly pitot tubes, refueling probes, and gun barrels. 

This "add-on" is a single pitot tube.  It's very fine turned brass.  The detail is so fine that I had to use my magnifiers to determine that there are three different diameters on the pitot, getting smaller at about 1/3 and 2/3 of the length.

The instructions are to the point: 

  • Remove the kit pitot from the mount. 
  • Drill a hole in the mount.
  • Glue the new pitot in the hole using CA
  • Put the mount under the F-100's intake.

I was able to skip step 4, as the kit pitot was already mounted under the nose.

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