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1/48 G3M Nell- DONE!


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I think you captured the look of the weathering nicely. Tropics really chewed up the paint, especially on Japanese aircraft.


Another fine build sir!



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Gil, Hi! In this thread, you mention using a mixture of baby powder and superglue as a filler. How precisely do you do this? I just tried it by putting a little shower powder on paper and added some gel superglue. It immediately solidified! What did I do wrong? Thanks. Nick

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In my experience your mistake is you're using GOOD superglue! Is it perhaps some "high end" superglue that you bought at the hobby shop? Does it say "instacure"? Is it the super thin type?


I too have tried to use the baby powder with "thin", or "insteacure" types of supeglue and had the same problem: it sets up too fast to use.


The answer is to get the CHEAPEST superglue liquid you can find. Personally, I buy the 4 black tubes for a couple bucks at Walmart "brand". It's liquid, but not super thin. It will allow you about 20-30secs to mix a paste that you can then apply to seams or into locator holes you want to fill.


Even then, you'll find you'll need to change toothpicks often because the "set" glue on the toothpick end (after you've used it a couple of times) will cause your remaining mixture to set faster, or if you mix more, will cause it to set faster and give you less working time.


I like this mixture for several reasons:

1) It's cheap

2) it's easy

3) it dries almost immediately

4) it sands easier than straight superglue, even after curing for 24hrs

5) it feathers out easier

6) it doesn't polish quite as glossy as straight superglue, meaning that if you do a NMF, you don't get a two-toned metal affect where the filler is polished smoother and glossier than the surrounding plastic

7) It scribes easier than straight superglue

8) Doesn't attack thin plastic like a solvent based filler might

9) Also seems to be much less prone to fogging when attaching clear parts, so it's a good filler for those areas


It may sound weird, but in my experience, the cheaper the superglue, the easier and better the mixture can be made to work. Hope this helps!


GIL :smiley16:

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