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New Review: Su-33 Flanker D Landing Gear

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Shortly after Trumpeter released its new Su-33 Flanker D kit, Scale Aircraft Conversions released a replacement set for the kit landing gear.  The set is comprised of five parts: two main landing gear legs, the nose strut, the nose strut retraction actuator, and the scissor link for the nose gear strut.

As with Scale Aircraft's other sets, the parts are drop in replacements for the kit parts.  After removing a slight molding seam on the parts, I polished them using a wire wheel in my battery operated Dremel tool at low speed.  This works very well and results in a nice uniform finish to all of the parts.

Assembly of the parts mirrors that of the kit parts, however, I discovered that I need to straighten out the scissor link as it was bent a little to one side.  I suspect this occurred when the scissor link was removed from the mold as it is fairly thin at the link.  Once straightened it fit perfectly into the holes on the nose strut.  As with other white metal parts, super glue must be used to assemble or attach the parts.

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