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New Review: US Army Jeep

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The Jeep

The original Jeep was built by Bantam, but Ford and Willys also bid on the original contract.  Due to financial problems at Bantam, the other two companies were given contracts to build Jeeps.  Bantam called theirs BRC-40 Willys was the MB, the Ford was called GPW.  The Jeep was a 1/4 ton all-wheel drive vehicle, with a wheelbase of 80 inches and a track of 47 inches. 

Willys produced 363,000 Jeeps, Ford made 280,000.  We gave 51,000 to the Russians.  They were used in every theater of WW2.

The Kit

The base kit is one very nicely cast piece of resin, which is almost the entire Jeep.  There is a PE fret, of which 3 parts are used.  There's a decal sheet with all the markings you need.  You get enough in the envelope to build two Jeeps, with PE and decals for both.


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