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Williams Bros. 1/72 C-46 Build Series, Part 5


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Hi all,


It's been a long road from Part 4 to Part 5, but now I'm starting to get back into it. Even the CPAP is proving not to be all that bad. Now all (!!!!!) I have to do is catch up on all my commissions. So, let's see if we can make some more progress on the C-46.


When closed, the cowlings show five cowl flaps. If building yours closed, be sure to eliminate the seam on the middle flap.




Since I'm building this kit with open flaps, it's time to remove the molded flaps. Whie it's the old school approach, multiple scoring passes with a #11 blade along a raised (or recessed) hinge line works as well as anything.




Here's a before and after shot showing the flaps removed on the cowl nearest the camera.




Before creating the new cowl flaps, the cowl intakes need to be drilled out. You'll need a #64 drill bit, new #11 blade and a lot of patience. I did it the hard way; after the cowls had been built up instead of before adding the cowl rings.




While a little sanding is still needed to clean things up, the drilled out intakes add a lot of realism.




A rear bulkhead was cut from scrap styrene and mounted against the back of the floor.





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Of the models I have on display, the C-46 is one of my favorites. I'm sure yours will be a beauty. I wish I had opened up the cowl inlets, and I'll lower the cowl flaps if and when I build another. Is the pe still available?


I thought I had already given a link to my build log but here it is, and a picture from it. I made the decals using Corel Draw and an ALPS printer.





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Hey John,


Your C-46 is a dandy. Very nice effort. I'll be using a vac canopy as required by my client. The photoetch is still available from the company's website (http://www.maestromodels.com), as well as ebay and a number of other online sources.



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